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   March 28th, 2007

error screen captureThis picture is the error my computer has been displaying for the past week. It happened about a week ago, when my Verizon phone service also went out. I personally think that whatever knocked out the phone came in through the DSL line and also affected the computer, but Verizon's DSL helpline refused to even entertain such a notion. Ah, well.

The good news is that my phone service is back on. I've been searching the internet at work for information on this error, but everything I find has to do with Win2000. I have WinXP, so I'm still stuck without a computer at home. Which make blogging more difficult, but it certainly does force me outside to enjoy the warming Spring temperatures.

Anyway, if anyone has magical solution for fixing this error, please let me know. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Arrgghh…”

  1. Chris Says:

    See my email, but I would try a Repair install. It seems that one of your base Windows DLLs has become corrupt.

  2. herzogbr Says:

    It’s Fixed!

    I never did find anything really useful on the internet, so on Chris‘ suggestion, (and after a couple of tries) I booted into Safe Mode. I then poked around under System Tools an played with a few of the things I found there. Then I clicked on “System Restore.”

    I didn’t know much about System Restore, but the idea of reverting my system back to some Microsoft-backup configuration of a previous date kind of made me nervous. But, not having anything to lose, I went ahead and tried it – and it really worked perfectly.

    There was a backup date just two days before the day I think the system went down, and after Restore did its thing for a few minutes, the computer started up normally. How nice – and how unusual, for such a dramatic computer issue to essentially fix itself.

    Oh, the relief.