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China’s Library on the Lake

   October 2nd, 2007

This is a nice new library building in China. It's good to hear that that, despite all the censorship news, China is still sees the value in libraries.

Oddly, though, I didn't see any bookshelves until the last picture (use the "next" button, not the "Photo Gallery" link).

via LISnews.org

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2 Responses to “China’s Library on the Lake”

  1. youyuan Says:

    I am a chinese librarian and subscribes your blog a long time ago.

    The library and the profession in China is developing quickly ,maybe the situation is not bad as you think.

    Though the Censorship exists alike or worse than USA, we are learning more and more from developed country such as library values.

  2. Brian Herzog Says:

    That’s great – hopefully, we can all learn from each other. Are there any services or practices you do in China that we might be able to implement here?