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Welcome to SwissArmyLibrarian.net

   February 26th, 2008

Swiss Army Librarian logoFor the first official Swiss Army Librarian post, I wanted to mention a few things about my new home.

I upgraded from WordPress v2.0.1 (which is what herzogbr.net/blog ran) to v2.3.3, and a lot had changed - but happily, most of the changes were for the better. The major outward change is the new theme, but my real goal was to update my code. Now, it's all css-based, and the only code that doesn't validate properly is the flickr badge.

It took a lot of behind-the-scenes fiddling to make this transition happen (Chris, my thank you gift on the way). On my About page I list all the plugins I'm using, and a few other technical details. I also fully explain "why Swiss Army Librarian?," in two parts, but I'll just summarize here:

  1. I've had a Swiss Army knife ever since college, and I use it all the time. Most people who know me couldn't image me without it
  2. If I had to summarize the job responsibilities of a librarian, “swiss army knife” comes pretty close. We’ve got to be ready to handle any request that comes along, and be prepared with whatever tool is needed for the job at hand

During the migration, I found I really enjoyed playing with WordPress plugins and pages. It has gotten me excited to start seriously using WordPress as a CMS for a full website, and not just a blog. My library is looking to update the way we manage our website, so I'm going to be pushing and pulling WordPress to see what it can do.

Alright, that's that. I'd appreciate hearing what people think of the new look, and if you have any tips or tricks on using WordPress as a CMS. And now, back to the regularly scheduled postings...

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3 Responses to “Welcome to SwissArmyLibrarian.net”

  1. Chris Skaryd Says:

    The co-opted swiss army logo is quite possibly my favorite thing about this update. 🙂 That logo is really really cool. Like the new name too.

  2. Brian Herzog Says:

    Yeah, me too; I was actually pretty proud of myself for coming up with that (toot-toot). Next I need to get some t-shirts (and hope Victorinox doesn’t hire law student Liz and take legal action).

  3. Chris Skaryd Says:

    heh, we’ll get Drue to defend you if that happens. 😉