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Online Photo Tools

   March 13th, 2008

cameraI am giving a workshop in early April on using flickr. It's the last in a digital photography workshop series at my library, because, after people learn how to use and take nice pictures with their digital camera, the flickr workshop will show them one option for doing something with those digital pictures.

I thought I'd get a jump on preparing for it, by compiling a list of websites I'd like to mention in addition to flickr - not just online photo sharing websites, but websites that let you edit photos, sites that have free archives of photos, etc.

In the process of working on it, it occurred to me that it'd be worthwhile to post it here, too. It's a long list, but certainly not all-inclusive, so if your favorite isn't listed here, please share.

Photo Sharing:

Photo Editing:

Image Archives:

Other flickr-related Information:

Also, this list will probably change a bit closer to the workshop.

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9 Responses to “Online Photo Tools”

  1. Worth Reading » Online Photo Tools Says:

    […] Army Librarian offers a lightly annotated list of photo sharing and editing tools, and some photo archive sites. I’m not familiar with some of the sites — maybe you, […]

  2. Isaak Kwok Says:

    You might also want to take a look at Zooomr.

  3. Buzzy Says:

    Irfanview is also a great, light photo editor. Very easy to use.

  4. jessamyn Says:

    Make sure you mention that TechSoup is giving away free Flickr Pro accounts (with a small service charge that I don’t totally understand) so libraries that want an account but don’t want to pay (much) can go try it!

  5. A.J. Levy Says:

    You might also want to talk about the metadata that’s in digital photos.

    Many lawyers know about the metadata in MS Word or WordPerfect files. However, few know about the potentially valuable metadata that’s in digital photos.

    I have a posting on it in my blog. http://www.outoftheboxlawyering.com/archives/000111.html

  6. Kyle Says:

    Pixamo.com is worth noting- advanced tagging features, photo imports from other sites, strong privacy controls.

  7. Benjamin Says:

    I see this has hit two library blogs, so you probably already know about it, but in yesterday’s USA Today was the announcement that Adobe Photoshop is going to have a basic photo editing suite available through a web-interface. Pretty darn cool, and potentially a nice thing to add to your final list of resources.


  8. Cook Memorial Library » Online Photo Tools Says:

    […] some great photo-sharing and photo-manipulating opportunities out there on Web 2.0 Here’s a link to a colleague’s blog (Brian Herzog @ Chelmsford Library) which lists some good […]

  9. Photo Sharing Says:

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