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Reference Question of the Week – 5/25/08

   May 31st, 2008

Money in gas canAs I'm sure you've heard, gas prices are on the rise. Stations around here are still hovering in the $3.90 range, but $4.00/gallon can't be far away. I am sure that's what prompted this week's exchange:

Patron: Can you tell me about, gas prices... and, um... fuel economy... ?
Me: Well, maybe. What kind of information are you looking for?
Patron: C'mon, you know, gas prices, and tips, and stuff. Is it real?

After a bit more of this, I learned that the patron:

  1. received an email forward from a friend with driving tips that claim to save gas, and also a list of gas stations that sell gas made from oil from Middle Eastern countries,
  2. wanted to know if there were real driving tips that could save gas, and,
  3. wanted to see national gas prices and find the cheapest gas in town.

I've seen the gas imports email before, and lately have been seeing and hearing gas saving tips everywhere. We started searching the internet for information about driving tips, and found lots. Here's my attempt at organizing those that look reliable:

Driving Tips To Save Gas

Gas Price Listings

Other Fuel Economy Information

Of course, the best tips are to drive less (by walking, biking or riding public transportation), or buy a more fuel efficient vehicle. None of those were practical options for the patron, so he was pretty happy to get this list when I emailed it to him later that day.

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4 Responses to “Reference Question of the Week – 5/25/08”

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  2. Liz Says:

    Ha – I think my favorite was the guy who called/wrote NPR and said “To save gas, I’m moving in with my girlfriend. She lives 340 miles away.” It could be a new campaign – Shacking Up for the Environment.
    But I’m curious, after reading the EPA’s recommendations – I have a 6-speed manual transmission. Obviously both 5th and 6th gears are overdrive, but does driving in 6th gear really provide any substantial benefit over driving in 5th?

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  4. Gas Saving Tips Says:

    These links are cool. Definitely the post for everyone who wants to save money on fuel to learn more about the tips.