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The Importance of Public Information

   January 20th, 2009

yes we can tshirtIn honor of Inauguration Day 2009, I thought I'd risk talking a little politics.

One thing that I'm really looking forward to from the Obama Administration is a restoration of openness and transparency in our government's Executive Branch. Bush/Cheney was, from the very start, shockingly - insultingly - as secretive and closed-door as they could be, at all times. The even used a private email server to deliberately avoid public oversight. More than almost anything else from the Bush/Cheney years, I've followed the continuous coverage of the arrogant culture of concealment and avoidance.

I know this is all very lofty for a blog about library stuff, but the good old trickle down theory comes into play here. When the top levels of government disdain public oversight and inquiry, it can spread to other aspects of the government, right down to library issue like copyright and public records.

So, in the hopes of making this post marginally useful, here are a few Inauguration-related resources:

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One Response to “The Importance of Public Information”

  1. Brian Herzog Says:

    Good for Obama. And good for us.