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Recently Noticed Library References

   May 12th, 2009

empty shelvesOver the weekend I found two references to libraries that I thought people would enjoy.

I just finished reading Guards! Guards!, by Terry Pratchett. It's a Discworld novel, and featured one of my favorite characters, the Librarian (of course). The plot is a bit complex, but I don't think this quote needs any setup:

Somehow, though, to a soul attuned to the subtle rhythms of a library, there are few worse sights than a hole where a book ought to be.

Someone had stolen a book.

Funny, because I get this same sinking feeling every time I'm pulling requested books, and the one I'm looking for is missing - the feeling is doubled when there's a gap in that spot on the shelf. Well captured, Sir Terry.

The second reference came when I was taking a Web 3.0 quiz on HowStuffWorks.com. Things were going along fine until I got to Question 9:

If the Web 1.0 experience is like going to a library and the Web 2.0 experience is like talking with a group of friends, what will the Web 3.0 experience be like?

  • having a personal assistant
  • going to class in a university lecture hall
  • going to a movie theater with every film and television show available to watch any time you like

Oh really? Libraries are like Web 1.0?

But the quizzes are interesting, so check out the whole list.

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