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Search Engine Blind Taste Test

   June 18th, 2009

blind search screenEven though I use Google for web searching most of the time, I do use other search engines, and I wonder how the results compare.

With the launch of Microsoft's new Bing search engine, a Microsoft employee must have been wondering the same thing - so he created a neat Blind Search tool (and states this is not a Microsoft project).

Type in a search term, and Blind Search shows you the results from Google, Yahoo and Bing - but without telling you which engine produced each list. So without brand bias, you decide which results list includes the most relevant websites.

And the best part is the reveal, when you "vote" and see which search engine the results came from.

I played a bit, and surprisingly, Google didn't always provide the most relevant results. As the creator states, this seems most useful as an observational curiosity, but it certainly is fun and interesting (or, it gives people a way to find pron three times faster).

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3 Responses to “Search Engine Blind Taste Test”

  1. littleoslo Says:

    it seems bing is doing a better job however i still prefer to use google, maybe i m not a good friends to mircosoft, once they are getting bigger they are worse.

  2. saradlee Says:

    I did about 5 searches and picked google every time. Often the 3 engines would come up with the same results, but the google list would have them in the order that I would want to look at them.

  3. Brian Herzog Says:

    Not that this should surprise anyone, but the guessing is easy on a image search for “gates