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Simple Book Suggester: BookSeer.com

   June 23rd, 2009

bookseer.comMy library started a new readers advisory program this summer, so I've been updating our reading suggestions webpage. A neat website I just added is bookseer.com.

Bookseer is like many "what should I read next" websites, except it is impressively simple. Just type a title and author into their fun interface, and it gives reading suggestions based on Amazon.com and Librarything.com data.

Of course, the suggestions will only be as good as the data. But I like that it's building on something already available, and automatically updated, rather than relying on manual edits. And it's simple, free, creative, and doesn't require an account.

via @EchoYouBack, MELIBS-L and LifeHacker

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3 Responses to “Simple Book Suggester: BookSeer.com”

  1. Winnie Says:

    Um, when I enter Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen it gives me zombie books.

  2. Jeff Says:

    I really liked the service, but it is based in the UK. I liked the concept of offering bookstores AND libraries where you can get the book, but they are in the UK. Plus the librarything and amazon seemed to be a bit buggy. Great concept though.

  3. Lauren F. Says:

    It seems that the system can’t handle apostrophes–I put in a title that I had just got as a recommendation, and got no response, but when I tried again w/o the apostrophe it worked fine. If that’s true, they should put it on the main page so you know before you search.