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Demonstrating The Value of Libraries

   June 30th, 2009

Update 7/13/09: Final state budget lightens hit to Ohio libraries

Save Ohio LibrariesThis post is unfortunately timely - by now you've heard of the cuts facing Ohio libraries.

I haven't said anything about this because it's been covered elsewhere, but it really worries me. I have friends and family that both work in and regularly use Ohio libraries. And I know how badly a 5% cut affected my library this year - I can't even imagine a 50% cut.

The value of libraries is difficult to illustrate (one might say immeasurable), which makes proposals like Gov. Strickland's possible. Libraries need to make a special effort to demonstrate our role and importance in our communities.

Two years ago I posted about the Library Use Value Calculator - a tool to let patrons calculate how much their library use is worth to them. I've been working with the ALA on version 2.0 of the library calculator (as part of their Tough Times Toolkit), and even though it's still in beta, I wanted to get it out there.

The new version looks and works the same, it's just easier for libraries to implement. Instead of having to muck around with coding, libraries can now embed it in their website web 2.0-style, just by copy/pasting a bit of code (like a YouTube video).

Please check out the new calculator, and add it to your library website - let me know if you need help. And if you are in a position to do so, please Support Ohio Libraries.

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6 Responses to “Demonstrating The Value of Libraries”

  1. Lulu Dewey Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Brian. I tried to include the calculator last year without success. You’ve simplified things handsomely!

  2. jamie Says:

    Thanks for the support Brian! We GREATLY appreciate it!

  3. jessamyn Says:

    thanks, I’ve added this to the Vermont Library Association website.

  4. Brian Herzog Says:

    @jessamyn: and yay, it seems to work. You mentioned in Portsmouth that the one they had had broken, so I’m glad you were able to plug this in – and I’m glad it worked.

  5. Peggy Says:

    Thanks for posting this. The Calculator is one of the most visited links on the Maine State Library web page. (The job openings link is the most popular.)

  6. Cari Says:

    Thank you, Brian!!