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Comment Spam

   August 18th, 2009

F on essayAfter reading Jessamyn's post about the spam and scams she gets through her website, I started actually reading the spam comments that come in here.

Most are caught by the filters and I just delete them. But reading them can be interesting, in a forensic sort of way. And some, like this one, were just downright entertaining:

It’s not so simply to bring a good written essay, essentially if you are concerned. I advise you to notice buy your essays and to be devoid from distrust that your work will be done by essays writers

Irony: it linked back to "quality essay dot com." I didn't visit the site, but the domain was registered through an ISP in California although the IP traced to The Netherlands.

Spam amazes me. If people didn't fall for it, spam might not be so prevalent. But you'd have to be pretty desperate to fall for an essay-writing scam with such poor grammar.

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2 Responses to “Comment Spam”

  1. Liz Says:

    I have a feeling this particular one was written in perfect Dutch, then either shoved through a form translator or translated by someone who knows as much English as I know Dutch. It would be interesting to know if it worked in its home country.

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