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Psst… Want a Sticker?

   October 20th, 2009

Swiss Army Librarian stickersThis is the week* I would have been at the Ohio Library Council's annual conference, had it not been canceled. However, before I knew that, I had printed a bunch of Swiss Army Librarian stickers I was going to give to the people who came to my panel discussion.

Since that is no longer possible, I thought I'd offer them here. I have 40 of them, so the first 40 people to email me will get them - free, but you will need to send me an stamped return envelope (I'll email you back with more details).

Update: Sorry, all the stickers are gone. If I get more I'll post again here.

My cousin and graphic artist Tom created the artwork (thank you again), and CafePress did the printing. I put the same artwork on shirts, too, but haven't seen how those look - maybe I'll get one for myself for Christmas.

And speaking of gift ideas, here's a few other Swiss Army-related products I've had kicking around in my bookmarks folder for awhile:

And just because I thought it was funny, here too is a Swiss Army Knife FAIL comic:
Explosm.net Swiss Army Knife Fail comic

*This is also the week of NELA09, which I attended and blogged Sunday and Monday. Yay for library conferences.

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4 Responses to “Psst… Want a Sticker?”

  1. Anne Says:

    I’d like a sticker if you still have them. I enjoy your blog!

  2. The Fighting Librarian Says:

    C’n I get one?? (Are you coming to visit? You coming to visit and bringing me one is better than a SASE.)

  3. Brian Herzog Says:

    @Fighting: Of course. In fact, if you take me to your favorite park, you’ll need two.

  4. BethAnn Zambella Says:

    I will send SASE if you still have stickers…. Thanks!