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Tips for Blogging

   July 15th, 2010

[Insert Exciting Blog Entry Here]This has been a busy week at the reference desk (lots of people looking for school summer reading books). I didn't have any great ideas for today's post, so I thought I'd go meta - a blog post about blogging.

Here are a whole bunch of links I've been collecting that offer tips on blogging, or blogging better, or running a blog in general. Some of them are for personal blogs, but they apply pretty well to writing for a library website.

I suppose I should read them instead of just sharing them, but it's a start:

From iLibrarian:

From Librarian in Black:

From David Lee King:

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4 Responses to “Tips for Blogging”

  1. Susan Babb Says:

    This is mighty useful to me, Brian! About to do a blogs and wikis workshop all over the state!
    Thank you kindly!
    (Some actually look familiar to me!)

  2. Brian Herzog Says:

    @Susan: You are welcome – and I’m glad to hear you’re up and running and right into the thick of things so quickly. Any workshops near Chelmsford?

  3. Susan Babb Says:

    Hi Brian,
    We have our CE calendar up at http://www.eventkeeper.com/code/events.cfm?curOrg=MLS&curMode=ADMIN&curMode=LOGOUT
    There is an Open House at Tewksbury!
    But more is coming in the fall!

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