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More On-The-Item Patron Reviews

   April 4th, 2012

A few months ago, someone donated DVDs to the library that had their personal reviews stuck to the covers. In that same theme, we recently found one of the library's Twilight books had been "reviewed" (rather harshly) in the same manner:

Twilight with stickers on cover

Twilight stickers closeup

Although I still like the idea of patron interaction and reviewing books in context, this doesn't exactly qualify. The Avery label scraps made me laugh though.

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3 Responses to “More On-The-Item Patron Reviews”

  1. Jarrett Says:

    Now I don’t want to condone defacing library materials, but that is just plain hilarious.

  2. Philip Willems Says:

    I’ve sent it to a couple of colleagues of mine, who are reading this, without comment.

  3. Twilight with stickers Says:

    […] Found on a book in my library – apparently, some YA patron did not appreciate the Twilight story. Read more on my website. […]