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How About This For A Library Marketing Campaign?

   February 26th, 2014

I was a marketing major in college, so things like branding and public presentation are always important to me (although I certainly don't consider myself an expert). That said, I've never really been a huge fan of the ALA's "@ your library" campaign - you know the one:

ALA @ Your Library

I'm not entirely sure why - however much I like the sentiment, I've never been able to really embrace this slogan.

It's important to me to brand and promote libraries though - especially in a universal way - and I finally came up with an alternative to @ your library. I don't think anyone's done this approach before, and what I was going for was both a catchy way to promote the library in general, as well as a way to inform people of library services they might not know the library offers.

So, without further ado, here's my suggestion for an "I Library" campaign:

I Library Storytime
I Library Ebooks
I Library Homework
I Library Movies
I Library Lectures
I Library Chelmsford

And of course, no online campaign is complete without an animated gif:

I Library [animated]

I'm obviously not a graphic designer, but I like this idea. The services I used are just a small sampling of what libraries offer - the possibilities are endless. So too are the choices of fonts, colors, and improvements over my layout. But I thought it was nice and simple and clear. And customizable, because patrons could choose the services they use.

Hopefully it's interesting enough that patrons would want to put bumper stickers on their car, wear it on a t-shirt, carry a tote bag version, or whatever. And, maybe it's even informative enough to show non-patrons that the library does indeed have something for them.

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