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Reference Question of the Week – 9/20/15

   September 26th, 2015

This didn't need to occur in a library, and I am very happy this question went to one of my coworkers and not me:

Do you know your elevator smells like fish?

No possible good can come of being involved with any aspect of that situation. Except for this:

How do you stop a fish from smelling?  Cut its nose off!

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3 Responses to “Reference Question of the Week – 9/20/15”

  1. Beth Wood Says:

    I work at Vancouver Community Library in Vancouver WA, and our building was opened in July 2011. Since Day 1, we have had complaints about the marijuana smell in the public elevators. We have been told it is outgassing from the rubber mats on the elevator floors, combined with the adhesive used to stick them down. Nevertheless, not a week goes by that some well-meaning patron doesn’t pull one of us aside to tell us someone has been smoking pot in our elevators.

  2. The Librarian With No Name Says:

    @Beth: Or an enterprising staff person realized that they now had the perfect place to get a bit of a groove on without anyone catching on. “Man, you must have been busy today, Marley. You’ve got elevator smell all over you.”

  3. Brian Herzog Says:

    @Beth: as much as I am against over-signage in libraries, that situation might warrant something.

    @The Librarian: I can see an urban legend forming here, with middle school kids constantly riding the elevator because someone told them they’ll get second-hand effects that way.