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Knitted Dice

Knitted DiceFor a little while, the hot game with my family was Yahtzee. For no particular reason, I thought I'd try knitting a set of five dice (which is how many you need to play Yahtzee - photos).

They're better for show than for playing, as the roundy edges don't always make it clear what number was rolled, but they're still fun. Making them was quick, so it's a good project to use up ends of skeins.

The pattern is below, and there's a printer-friendly version [pdf, 77KB], and more photos.

Yarn: Worsted or medium weight (you'll need two different colors)
Needles: two double-pointed #5

Follow the chart below, starting at the bottom with row 1.

  • Cast on 10 sts
  • Work as stockinette stitch, picking up the contrasting color as the chart indicates (I just carried this yarn loosely behind the work so as to avoid weaving in a lot of ends)
  • After row 30, cast on 10 new sts, work the existing 10 sts, then cast on 10 more
  • After row 40, bind off 30 sts
  • I made little wooden cubes about 3/4" in size (adjust to fit your finished work), folded my knitting around it, and then sewed up the edges


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