or, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fear and Loathing at a Public Library Reference Desk

Sadly I guessed cafeteria.

   February 19th, 2015 Brian Herzog

My brother sent me this image, which I believe is from the Sandusky Register. The title of this post was his only comment, and the funny thing is that it was my first thought too:

Answer: Libraries

Regardless, great job to the Sandusky Library for running this in the local paper (I presume it was them, anyway). Interesting and engaging, and anyone who reads the paper can't help but be reminded of the library.

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Book-Related Interestingness

   April 21st, 2011 Brian Herzog

Apropos of nothing, here are some interesting things to look at:

Optical Illusion Bookshelf
As if Dewey isn't mystifying enough. Spotted at There I Fixed It, and more photos at Neatorama:

Optical Illusion Bookshelf


"Become Someone Else" Bookstore Ad Campaign
This series of posters were developed to promote a used bookstore in Lithuania:

Become Someone Else poster


Bibliochaise Book Shelf Chair
I think this bookshelf chair looks great, but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be:

Book Shelf Chair

Thanks Chris - keep them coming.

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We’re Off To The Library

   September 17th, 2009 Brian Herzog

My cousin saw the ad below in the Las Vegas airport:


I like seeing a library with a sense of humor, but it's also a smart place for them to advertise (and it's big, too: 5' x 7'). Good job, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.

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Job Opening: Gun Librarian

   February 7th, 2008 Brian Herzog

Cabela's logoI keep an eye on library job openings in Maine, and now I see the the Cabela's store in Scarborough is looking for someone to work in the Gun Library.

A few of the job duties overlap with my current position:

  • Ensure proper display of merchandise on the sales floor.
  • Assists customers in finding and selecting products that best meet their needs based on extensive study and field experience.
  • Attends and/or schedules management and area meetings to ensure all departments objectives are met.
  • Prepares store for daily opening and closing.

And a few do not:

  • Determining the market value of a wide range of firearms
  • Buying and selling antique and collectible firearms
  • Big and small game hunting
  • Upland and waterfowl hunting

I wonder if having a Swiss Army knife since college could get me the job. Probably not, but maybe for "Big and small game hunting" they'd count wrangling little kids and teenagers in the library during after-school hours. But I guess that's more like herding than hunting. I just need to keep looking.

Anyone interested can apply online.


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