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Vacation Lessons

   September 16th, 2008 Brian Herzog

Cocoa Beach Public LibraryToday is my first day back from a week and a half long vacation. I went to Florida for a cousin's wedding, and then to Ohio for the birthday parties of my niece (1) and nephew (7). I had a few goals for the trip, so here's the update on those along with a few things I learned along the way:

  1. Playaways (at least with the included earbuds I used) are not loud enough to be heard when you're sitting on an airplane next to the engine. Next time perhaps I'll try a noise/anti-noise arrangement
  2. Key West isn't much fun when it is evacuated before a hurricane (I didn't make it to the library)
  3. People in airports don't take other peoples' books, even when "free book!" is written on the cover. I released five Bookcrossing books in airports this trip, and watched at least three people sit down next to one of them, look at it, and then go about their business. I found this interesting, but I'll have to rethink my guerrilla strategy for promoting literacy
  4. The Brevard Country Library System is wonderful. I used both their main library and Cocoa Beach branch, and everything worked, the staff were all nice, and it was just pleasant all-around - exactly what I needed while on vacation. I also picked up a few tips to bring back and implement in my own library
  5. Boston's Logan Airport has chairs with power outlets and USB jacks built right in - great
  6. Even if you're not in a hurricane, it can still effect you - the Keys were evacuated in advanced of Hurricane Ike, so I had to change plans and go north to Cape Canaveral. And then at the end of the trip when I was flying back from Ohio, the remnants of Ike knocked out power to much of southern Ohio and shut down the Cincinnati airport, thus canceling my flight
  7. A birthday party of eight seven-year-old boys is never dull

It was a good trip all around, and now I'm back to real life and the library. But NELA's annual conference is just over a month away, so that's another trip to look forward to. I'm part of a panel presenting "Library 2.0 For You" (or, L24U, if you like that sort of thing) on Monday, so mark your calendars.

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iWish: Airport Public Library

   August 21st, 2007 Brian Herzog

Airplanes on runway at CLEI flew to Ohio this weekend to spend time with my family. I brought a book to read on the plane, but my mom asked if I could leave it with her so she could read it.

This leaves me with no book for the return back, which got me thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a library for airports? I could go into the CLE branch and check out a book, read it on the plane, and then return it to the MHT branch when I landed.

I know the logistics would be difficult, and this is certainly an idea that could not sustain itself today, but I still think it would be nice.

Of course, I could always just buy a book - or better yet, find a BookCrossing in the terminal.

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