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Alice In Wonderland, The Music Video

   May 27th, 2008 Brian Herzog

I read on Boing Boing recently that someone remixed scenes from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland into a music video. It's touchy whenever anyone alters or reinvents a favorite book, but I do like creativity:

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Used Books into Altered Books

   April 24th, 2007 Brian Herzog

We've already looked at what people can do with old or unused books, both for fun and profit.

But for those of you who aren't interested in furniture or fundraising, then the art of Altered Books might be appealing (what are altered books?).

image of an altered 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' bookIt is sometimes gut-wrenching to see books mutilated like this, but it can still be fascinating. The photo featured here is one of my favorite books, Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I like the way the story is depicted, and the creativity and craft is amazing, but it does make me sad that this is one less copy of the story that can be read.

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