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Reference Question of the Week – 8/16/09

   August 22nd, 2009 Brian Herzog

Archie's proposalA patron calls in asking for information on a wedding announcement. When I asked for the names of the couple, he said:

Patron: Archie and Betty... no, no, Archie and Veronica. [pause] I don't know their last names.
Me: ...um, do you mean the comic book?
Patron: Yes.

I hadn't heard this, but apparently Archie has finally chosen between Betty and Veronica. The news leaked in May (covered by CNN and MSNBC) that the big proposal would take place in Issue 600, on sale Sept 1, 2009. NPR also aired a story recently, and more information is available at ArchieComics.com.

Not a difficult reference question, but I do find it interesting what I learn from patrons.

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