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More Fun With Barcodes

   February 10th, 2011 Brian Herzog

Example BarcodeIn the course of looking at scanning digital barcodes, I also ran across some resources for making print barcodes.

Since most libraries rely rather heavily on barcodes, this might be news to no one but me - but I still had fun with it. Did you know there are lots of websites that let you type in numbers to create free custom barcodes? The internet thinks of everything.

My two favorite are:

All of the websites I played with will generate a barcode image that can be saved, printed, etc. Some also had the Web 2.0 embed function, which is useful for embedding in a page meant to be displayed on a mobile phone.

But being able to generate and print custom barcodes is what I liked - perfect for those library patrons who have memorized their library card number over the years, but lost their physical card. Now, instead of having to give them a new card with a new number, we can just print a new barcode for their old number, put it on a new library card with tape or a barcode protector, and they are back in business.

Not to mention, of course, the endless possibilities for using QR codes in libraries.

Another fun thing - barcodes aren't just for numbers:

Example of longer barcode

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