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“Live Free or Die Harder” Download

   December 4th, 2007 Brian Herzog

Die Hard DownloadIn each of the DVD copies of "Live Free or Die Harder" purchased by my library, we found the little insert shown here.

I'd never seen this before, but it is instructions on how to download a digital copy of the movie, from the DVD itself, to your computer (or portable device through your computer).

That's novel. It looks like a one-shot deal, as in, you can download it once (using the code on the card, which is internet-verified), and that's it. No downloading to your computer then sync'ing to a device later, or to multiple devices. But still, for those people who purchase the DVD, it's a nice thing to offer an easily-accessible digital format.

But bad that it can only be transferred once.

And bad that it requires an internet-verified code.

And bad that it doesn't work on iPods, PSPs, or Zunes.

And bad that it's yet another failed attempt at trying to control how people use the products they purchase.

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