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(Dreaming About) Appropriate Libraries Games

   January 14th, 2010 Brian Herzog

Library minigolfThis is bizarre: a little while ago I dreamed about telling an a adult patron he was being too loud in the library, because he was playing Marco Polo with his kids to entertain them. He yelled back, asking me what I expected him to do.

I went to the reference desk to review our games policy (this is a dream remember, so it made perfect sense at the time). It didn't mention specific games, so I sat down with my director and came up with a list of games that he could and couldn't play in the library:

Approved Games:
I Spy
Hide and Seek
Board Games
Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
Thumb Wrestling
Unapproved Games:
Marco Polo
Red Rover
Red Light, Green light
Duck Duck Goose
King of the Mountain

I remembered the dream when I woke up, so quickly wrote down the games I could recall. How sad that I dream about things like this.

However, it also reminds me of Library Mini Golf, which I think is a great idea. I also still like the idea of having tournaments for any number of video games (which, oddly, didn't make my dream list).

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Only In My Dreams

   March 23rd, 2007 Brian Herzog

I like remembering my dreams, but some are just bizarre. Earlier this week, I dreamt that I was Asian-American, and in a boy band.But, instead of "Asian-Americans," we referred to ourselves "American-Asians" - which we then shorted to "Am-Asians." And that's what our band name was - AmAsian, because we were "amasain'." Get it?

Man, I wish I were this clever when I am awake. But I do not wish I were in a boy band - where does my subconscious get this stuff?

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