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Copyright on Campus Video

   March 3rd, 2011 Brian Herzog

I think this is reatively new - the Copyright Clearance Center has released a very good overview video about "Copyright on Campus"

This is a follow-up to their "Copyright Basics" video, and is among others in the series of educational tools and guidelines. Hopefully the next one will be "Copyright in Public Libraries," but it's all useful - thanks for sharing, Katie.

It also occurred to me that this format might be a good vehicle for an "ebooks basics" tutorial - except, regardless of how informative it might be, I think that would be an ultimately unpleasant video.

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Fair(y) Use Tale

   May 19th, 2007 Brian Herzog

Here's an interesting video explaining copyright law and Fair Use, using only clips from Disney videos. It's funny, informative and surprisingly clear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJn_jC4FNDo

Found through Boing Boing.

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