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Kate Spade Book Bags

   August 17th, 2010 Brian Herzog

Kate Spade Book-of-the-Month-Club ClutchI am not what someone might call fashionable, so thanks to Liz for pointing out the next fashion accessory - Kate Spade "Book of the Month" clutches.

Kate Spade? A clutch? These parts of the phrase were mysteries, but the book element interested me. Once a month, they'll release little purse things designed to look like books. So, for just $325, people can look like they're carrying a book with them, but actually are not (as opposed to making your own book safe for free out of an actual book).

But this does puzzle me: if the point is to look fashionable, wouldn't it make more sense to make a clutch that looks like an iPad or Kindle? Or maybe retrointellectuaistas just have far better fashion taste than I. Well, yes, of course they do. It is creative and well-done, but I still need to cue Flight of the Conchords:

I might sound critical, but you know if they designed a man-purse based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I would want it.

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