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What Other People Think About Reading And Libraries

   June 26th, 2013 Brian Herzog

Thumb clip to keep book held openThe links below were posted a week or so ago on Lifehacker, but I waited a bit to mention them in order to give time for the comments to build up.

The three posts all have to do with libraries and reading. However, because the questions are being asked and answered by non-librarians, it feels so much more real and interesting than the results of a survey a library may conduct. It also reminds me that librarians aren't alone in advocating for and caring about libraries.

Anyway, for your reading pleasure:

The third one was particularly interesting to me: I talk to a lot of people about books, but very few people about reading (except for occasionally asking a stranger, "how do you like your ereader?"). It made me wonder if this would be a good idea for a library program: sort of a "reading tips" workshop. I imagine most people are comfortable with what they do, but I'd be very curious to hear about other peoples' reading habits, how they track what they read, where they hear about books, etc.

Then again, that could also be painfully dull.

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