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NELA2007 – Tuesday Recap

   October 16th, 2007 Brian Herzog

Speaking to an Empty RoomMy second day at NELA2007 (Tuesday, the last day of the conference), was a quick one. I just went to two morning sessions, and then left after lunch (I had to come home to pack for my trip tomorrow morning to Omaha).

I blogged both sessions today, and posted them on the NELA2007 blog. They were:

Also, I posted some photographs of the Publick House. I really liked that place.

Right, now I need to go unpack, repack, and whatever else I can fit in before my flight.

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NELA2007 – Monday Recap

   October 15th, 2007 Brian Herzog

NELA Conference tableToday was a fun day. The wireless was spotty all day (luckily, my awesome hotel, the Publick House, has better wireless connectivity), but the sessions were good.

Here's what I went to:

I'm sorry for any spelling or other mistakes you find in the posts - I've never live blogged before, and it's hard. Especially when you only type with four fingers.

Also check out some conference photographs. I'll upload some pictures of my room tomorrow, too - it really must be the best place in town to stay.

Okay, now I'm off to meet librarians for dinner, and then we're going to see the showing of The Hollywood Librarian. More tomorrow.

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Trips to NELA and Omaha

   October 11th, 2007 Brian Herzog

Next week is going to be a busy week for me - I have two back-to-back trips planned.

NELA2007NELA Annual Conference
On Monday and Tuesday I'll be in Sturbridge, MA, for the New England Library Association's 2007 annual conference. I went last year (session notes) and of course had a great time.

This year I'm also attending as an official conference blogger. A group of us will be posting notes from (hopefully all) the sessions to the NELA2007 blog, so add the feed to your reader to catch all the action.

There's also a flickr pool, for those of you who like looking and photos of librarians.

ReferenceUSA logoReferenceUSA Conference
On Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be in Omaha, NE, participating in a conference held by ReferenceUSA. They invited about 20 librarians from across the country to come and meet with their product development team. I think we'll be talking about how their database is currently used by libraries, and what new avenues they could pursue to improve delivering their content to our patrons.

That should be a fun trip. I even have friends in Omaha, but they chose that particular week to fly to Japan. Sheesh.

It'll be an active week, and if you can't reach me, this is why. But if you happen to see me anywhere along the way, please come up and say hi.

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