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   December 14th, 2006 Brian Herzog

Podcamp logo Earlier this week I attended a podcast workshop, presented by Scott Kehoe of NMRLS. I've attended a few podcasting events this year, and one thing I'm happy to report is a noticeable shift in attitude (both from presenters and attendees) from "what is this and/or why should I care" to "I want to do this and/or how can I do this?" That is good.

Scott is a great presenter, and happily makes a huge amount of information available online. So, instead of rehashing everything he said, I shall just refer you to his webpage.

One thing I would like to highlight are some ways libraries can use podcasts:

  • For computer/technology how-to tips
  • Recordings of workshops & instructional seminars
  • Storytimes
  • As a YA/Teen show
    • Reviews of books/movies/music/games/etc.
    • Poetry jams
    • Music shows
  • Performances held in the library
  • Lectures
  • Information about historical or interesting community locations (even as part of a self-guided tour)

Many uses. And if you're looking for a good podcast workshop, I'll meet you at Podcamp Boston 2.

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