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Punk Rock Librarians

   August 20th, 2009 Brian Herzog

Punk Rock BrianIn July, Library Journal featured an article that compared libraries and punk rock, as an intro to a bibliography of books on punk music.

I liked the idea, and also enjoyed a follow-up post on The Contrarian, further exploring the similarities between libraries and what it means to be punk.

I do certainly see (and feel) the similarities each points out, and both posts are worth reading. Librarians know what is important to us and the profession, and if something threatens it, we have our own ways of pushing back - but I would like more push-back in certain areas.

And even though there is a stereotyped look for punks and librarians, there are certainly plenty of librarians who break that mold.

Incidentally, the photo is of me from the not-too-distant past. What can I say? I am a rocker. I rock out.

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