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Reference Question of the Week – 2/7/10

   February 13th, 2010 Brian Herzog

Eric and DonnaFor all you Valentine's Day sentimentalists out there, here are two questions that came in about a week apart, but from the same patron:

Did Eric and Donna from "That 70's Show" end up getting married?


Does SpongeBob like Sandy?

I used to watch "That 70's Show" but apparently stopped watching before the last couple seasons, because I had no idea what happened to the characters. Nor, now that someone reminded me of it, did I particularly care, but this patron seemed very concerned.

Apparently, many other people are too: when I searched Google for an answer, the auto-complete showed other searches for this question.

But from what I could find, it seems that no, they never did get married, and the series ended with ambiguity as to what their relationship was like.

SpongeBob and SandyThere is also much curiosity about SpongeBob's relationship status. But again, what I read indicated there is nothing going on between SpongeBob and Sandy. In fact, there's speculation that SpongeBob is gay and has a somewhat romantic relationship with Patrick.

My favorite comment on the idea of "Sandy SquarePants:"

"I'm sorry i don't see a sponge mating with a squirrel under the sea. its just not happening. and i don't think its biologically possible either."

But really - does such cold logic have any places in matters of the heart?

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