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Library Staircase, and Bookends

   February 19th, 2008 Brian Herzog

library staircaseIt's been a busy week. This is vacation week for the schools, and a lot of kids have been in the library working on their projects. During their vacation. Imagine.

I feel bad that my postings lately have just been repeating things I've seen elsewhere, but it's just been that kind of a week. However, this is neat:

A friend of mine forwarded me a link to a "library staircase" built into a London apartment. I want to build a second floor on my house just so I can have one of these (more photos.

And here's a few more interesting book-related oddities, from growabrain:

I especially like the last one. I tried to build something like that myself once, but it didn't come out nearly as well or practical.

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