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Tim Burton to make Alice in Wonderland Movie

   January 8th, 2008

Engraving of AliceLewis Carroll's Alice stories are among my all-time favorite books. And Tim Burton has made some movies that I have really enjoyed. So I should be happy that he's going to direct a film adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, right?

Well... Alice is one of those stories that I like so much that I get nervous any time I hear someone meddling with it. I'm sure Burton will produce a highly watchable movie, but how true it will be to Carroll's tale has yet to be seen.

Burton, if you recall, took some liberties with another favorite story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He got the name right, which has also plagued the Alice books, but the movie over all was about as close to Roald Dahl's book as was the Gene Wilder version of the story. Both good movies, yes, but neither entirely faithful to the original book.

So, I guess we'll see. It could be great, or, well, or it could be another Alice flop. But either way, it won't be as bad as Whoopi Goldberg playing the Cheshire Cat.

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2 Responses to “Tim Burton to make Alice in Wonderland Movie”

  1. Lana Says:

    It has Tweedle Dum and Dee in it so already it is not faithful to the original as they are in the second book ‘Through the Looking Glass’.
    What a shame, as I used to like Tim Burton although I think he very much stuffed up the Chocolate Factory and I think the Gene Wilder one is more faithful to the book.
    Also it is a shame as he could have made two films of the two books if he had been faithful. I actually think the second book is darker, weirder and I prefer it.

  2. Jack Says:

    Hey I loved whoopi in that! Speak for yourself you dip S Hit. Last time I come to this site. Im telling all my freinds to stay clear of here, you really screwed up this time man!