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The Best ¦Help Wanted¦ Sign Ever

   September 11th, 2013

I was tinkering with fickr over the weekend, and it wasn't letting me do what I wanted to do. So, I hit Ctrl+U to view the source code and instead of what I was looking for, I found this:

fickr source code job ad

What a great way for a computer company to target the kind of people it wants to hire - the people who look at source code.

Not that there is any shortage of applicants for library jobs, but with any great idea, I immediately want to steal it to apply to the library world. Although the question is, where could a library put a message like this that hard-core candidates would naturally find, but casual patrons wouldn't? In a MARC record? The webpage listing the library's policies?

In all honesty, we could probably just hang a big sign in the library saying as much, because it seems like only librarians read the signs in libraries. I am now going to be preoccupied with this all week.

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