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End-Of-The-Year To-Blog-Folder Clean-Up

   December 18th, 2013

It's been a busy week so far, so just in the spirit of a year-end cleaning up of loose ends, here's a few random things I haven't gotten around to posting yet:

  1. From LifeHacker, an app called "The Walk" helps motivate people to exercise by telling them a story - the further you walk, the more the plot develops. Almost awesome enough for me to want a cell phone. And, it reminds me of the "choose your own adventure" sidewalk story
  2. Also from LifeHacker, some advice on whether or not it's important to log out of websites when you're finished using them. There's a difference between personal use and what the public does on library computers, but it's always good to remind patrons of when talking about privacy and security - even with Deep Freeze or Steady State
  3. And finally, the item I've sat on the longest is an infographic looking at the roles librarians have undertaken in the digital age. Everyone likes inforgraphics, so enjoy:

infographic digital librarians

If you've made it this far, all I have left to say is happy holidays!

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