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Cards Against Librarianship

   January 2nd, 2014

I find it a little uncomfortable having my first post of a new year be about something I don't completely understand, but I have no problem embracing ambiguity - especially to further the cause of humor.

So, have you every played Cards Against Humanity? I have, twice, and I still don't really understand it. I mean, I laugh at the funny words, but I just don't get it. But I do get that Emily at Shelf Check is working on a Cards Against Librarianship version:

Cards Against Librarianship preview card

Emily also says that she hopes to have a printable version available in a week or so, before ALA Midwinter, so keep an eye on Shelf Check.

And in case you are a Cards Against Humanity fan, they also have a research lab that lets you test out and rate new cards by playing an online version.

Thanks Sharon for sending me these links.

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