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Anti-Scam Literature from FTC.gov

   April 30th, 2015

FTC money wiring scam bookmarkTalk about timing - yesterday my coworker received a sample of the FTC's literature packet on how to identify and respond to scams. I wish we would have had these in the library on Saturday.

I didn't know the FTC offered these, but when I checked their bulkorder website, I found a ton of stuff on all different topics.

Good job to the FTC (and other government agencies, for that matter) for making this type of information available free to the public. My coworker already ordered some of these for us to pass out to patrons, and I am going to look through what else they offer to find more that will be useful - they have an entire section on Privacy & Identity.

This is definitely a good resource to bookmark to keep the library stocked with useful information. https://bulkorder.ftc.gov

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2 Responses to “Anti-Scam Literature from FTC.gov”

  1. Keeley Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I ordered some for my students. My husband’s business has been receiving lots of scam calls lately trying to convince him his power will get shut off unless he pays a huge amount of money – this kind of thing is really beneficial to have in the library.

  2. Brian Herzog Says:

    @Keeley: you are welcome, and I agree. But it’s weird – I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a scam call myself, but they sound a lot more common than I realized.