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Books, Coming and Going

   January 3rd, 2008 Brian Herzog

Early Reviewer Book ArrivesThis post is somewhat in the New Year's spirit of "out with the old, in with the new..."

Although I've worked around books for a long time, two things happened last week that have never happened to me before:

Books, Coming:
I was chosen to be a LibraryThing Early Reviewer! I've been trying ever since they started, but this is the first time I've gotten to participate.

A copy of Tim Dorsey's Atomic Lobster showed up on my doorstep right after Christmas '07, even though it's not being published until 1/22/08. I've never read anything by him, let alone the preceding books in this series, but I'm always open to reading new things.

Thank you, LibraryThing and HarperCollins. I'll read and review it as soon as I finish one of my Christmas presents, Water for Elephants.

Books, Going:
Faithful readers may remember me mentioning the idea of an Airport Public Library, and then using BookCrossing to kick it off.

Since then, every time I've flown somewhere, I leave books in airports. My trip to Ohio for Christmas resulted in the APL's first circulation - someone "captured" and registered one of my books on the site.

What a good week for books.

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If You Love Something…

   November 1st, 2007 Brian Herzog

BookCrossing.com logo...read it and release it.

So, I've finally gotten around to registering and releasing some books through BookCrossing.com.

With all of my traveling lately, the books I've released (just four) have all been at airports. Which is fine, because that's four more books added to the collection of the Airport Public Library.

So far, I like this. It feels so odd to intentionally leave a book somewhere, but it's for a good cause. It can be fun, too - like letterboxing and geocaching, the goal is to make the drop without letting anyone see you. At least, that's what's going through my head.

Anyway, if you have extra books, give it a try.

Incidentally, I did not buy the starter pack (why buy when you can do it yourself?). Instead, I printed out their label template [62kb, pdf] (for inside the cover) and also created another template [5kb, pdf] for the outside of the book cover. And instead of printing these on sticky labels, I just attached them with packing tape. Works just fine, and cost nothing.

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