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AllMyFaves (Are Belong To Us)

   August 5th, 2008

All My Faves websiteSomeone sent me a link to AllMyFaves.com recently - at first I ignored it, but now I kind of like it.

It's a visual list of popular website, broken up into cataegories like Video, Maps, Search, Travel, etc. It reminds me of the early days of Yahoo, with two guys making a directory of useful internet websites. But seeing everything on one screen is helpful (and being a visual person, I like the logos).

And that's it's compiled by "a team of experts," I can reasonably presume that these are the "important" websites in each category (at least, important to someone). Which is great for me to learn of a new website, or to use as a cheat-sheet to see what the kids are using. Plus, it helps with reference questions like "what's another website like Facebook and MySpace."

I did notice they didn't have a "Books" category, so I made my own:


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6 Responses to “AllMyFaves (Are Belong To Us)”

  1. Shachar Pessis Says:

    Hey Brian,

    My name is Shachar and I am one of the founders of All My Faves. Thank you for the great blog review, we truly appreciate it.

    Regarding the books category that you suggested, we shall definitely take it into consideration on our next update.

    Please keep in touch,


  2. Brian Herzog Says:

    That’s great Shachar – thanks. As for the Book line, I actually kind of struggled with what to include. I was going more for “book information” and “book sharing” than “book buying.” There’s certainly a lot of overlap, and I know I left out some just for space reasons, but I’m sure you could get some good input from the library community.

  3. Shachar Pessis Says:

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks again for the suggestions. We will be more than thankful receiving your full list.

    Btw on our weekly faves section we featured several book related sites that you might find as quite intriguing. See below:

    Shelfari – http://www.shelfari.com/
    DailyLit – http://www.dailylit.com/

    Zoomii – http://zoomii.com/#

    Lookybook – http://www.lookybook.com/

    Additional insights will be welcomed.



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  5. Bobby Says:

    I found this online bookmark site called 43MARKS.com – You get a unique URL (43MARKS.com/username) were you upload your bookmarks and then access them by typing in your new 43marks URL into any computer or phone. So it better than all the other start pages I’ve seen

  6. Pablo Says:

    Hey Bobby, do you represent the 43marks site? I’m asking because I’ve noticed that you’ve posted this same comment, word for word, in nearly every blog that mentions allmyfaves. If you do represent 43marks, it would have been more honest for you to disclose that within your comment so people know you have a vested interest in bringing traffic to that site.