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Great Book Cover and Bookmarks

   January 28th, 2010 Brian Herzog

Speaking of creative bookmarks, I love these combination custom book covers/bookmarks:

Custom book covers and bookmarks

Custom book coversSimilarly, last year our Children's Librarian started pulling books that she felt were good, but had misleading or unexciting covers, and had kids design their own covers. That's a great idea, and it's fun to take great ideas just a little bit further.

Yay for activities that involves patrons and lets them take more ownership of their library use.

via LISNews

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Reference Question of the Week – 7/12/09

   July 18th, 2009 Brian Herzog

bad smellAs I returned to the desk after helping a patron, I overheard my coworker's side of the end of a phone conversation. I could tell it was something odd, and when she hung up, she turned to me and said:

This patron is looking for a company in the area that will make perfume from her sweat.


A few quick searches led us to websites talking about perfumes made from bodily fluids (link if you dare). However, we couldn't find any company (local or otherwise) that made custom perfumes, for individuals, from their own sweat.

And after we thought about it, we kind of wonder how much sweat would be needed, and how a person would collect it.

By trying a different approach, we did find some local companies that produce custom fragrances. However, we left it to the patron to contact them with her request.

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