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Giant Swiss Army Knife

   February 24th, 2009

giant swiss army knifeThe Surly Librarian tipped me off to this monster Swiss Army Knife - 85 tools and almost 3 pounds.

At first I thought it was just photoshoppery, but then I realized it is for sale, and there's a video of it in operation.

If I had bigger pockets, maybe I'd ask for one for Christmas. No, probably not - I'm pretty happy with mine.

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7 Responses to “Giant Swiss Army Knife”

  1. Chris Says:

    I want one. I’d never use most of that stuff, but I still want one. I’m happy with mine though too.

  2. Winnifred Says:

    I noticed on your Flickr photo of your Victorinox Fieldmaster that you don’t know why the Scout logo is there. Was it purchased in a Scout shop? I have one that has a Toyota logo on it because my husband was given it by the local dealership when he purchased his freaking huge truck.

  3. Brian Herzog Says:

    @Winnifred: That makes sense, but I just ordered mine through the Smokey Mountain Knife Works catalog when I was in college. It must have just what they had on the shelf at the time.

  4. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the tip of the hat, Brian.

    I’ve been carrying this one since the 1970’s. It went all the way to Kathmandu and back in 1980 and then disappeared in the early 2000’s. Found it five years later under the sofa cushions.

    I’ve gone for years at a time without the spring for the scissors–a test of dexterity–until finding a new supplier.

    Probably what gets the most use is the toothpick.


  5. Brian Herzog Says:

    @Mike: Kathmandu is pretty impressive – mine is fairly well-traveled too, but not that far. I’m glad it turned back up.

    My scissor spring broke a few years ago, and even though I replaced it, it’s never been the same – if no spring works for you, you’re probably missing anything. And you’re right about the toothpick being heavily used. I actually lost mine while at my parents during Christmas, and had to wait two weeks until the replacement arrived. During that time, I was really surprised how many times I went for it only to be reminded it was lost.

    (I ordered the 6-count replacement pack so that won’t happen again.)

  6. Jake S Says:

    Could anyone give me some info on this “Giant” knife. I have to do some research on it. It would great if you could help me out! Thanks, Jake.

  7. Brian Herzog Says:

    @Jake: I did a quick google search for “giant swiss army knife” and mixed in among the results were articles from Popular Science and Guardian which each have some background and specs. Amazon also lists some specs (under Product Features), and Wikipedia has a bit more background. I hope that helps with your research.